David Cary is the first editor at the Visual Wiki ( http://visual.wiki.taoriver.net/ ).

I especially like the interactivity of Forth.

Is there a Forth for the Parallax Propeller?

I see that at least 3 people have had a go at implementing Forth for it ...

Is there a Forth for the PSoC?

Yes, Christopher Burns wrote M8cForth. David Cary took over over maintenance of M8cForth in 2006.

2007: posted M8cForth source to http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Forth/PSoC_Forth .

2006: I'm now using Cypress PSoC chips (using the "Cypress M8C core processor"). I'm currently doing mixed C and assembly language on them. I'm poised to switch to Forth.

An upcoming project is most likely going to use Atmel AVR chips – I see that there are several Forth versions that run on the Atmel AVR listed at CrossForth: ByteForth, PFAVR, and the "MPE AVR IRTC Forth cross compiler".

2005: David Cary is currently doing assembly language programming on PIC processors, and is poised to switch to PicForth.